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Kvě '14

A new Approach for Kronos

Kategorie: Vanilla

Dear players,

after many internal meetings – last Sunday even one with loyal players – we finally can announce to you our plans for a better, brighter and breathtaking future for the Kronos Server.

So the first thing we had to do was to analyse what went wrong this time. And unfortunately there were many problems with advertising and making Kronos well known, management of the server and last but not least showcasing the one outstanding feature – a nearly bug-free Classic Experience!
After many hours of discussing, we came to the conclusion that there is still hope for a great experience, and – more importantly! – we now will work as hard as we can to achieve a prosperous Kronos!

So if something new has to start, the old Kronos has to wane – meaning the server will be shut down on May the 28th !
This step is made, so internal testing can start, and in the end lead to an even better experience. Do you want to change something, too? Do you want to participate in a huge project? And do you want to be responsible for all the fun and pleasure players will have? Then you are right here! We are still searching for new Event Masters, Game Masters, Testers and Developers, so if you want to apply for one of those positions, stay tuned, as there will be further news regarding our new Server Staff and Recruitment.

Now you may think: „Well this sounds great and all, but I’ve heard all these promises before. So I want to know what exactly is going on, what is being worked on, and why this time Kronos will be a success!”
No worries! Now you will get your answers! Among the main things which have to be adressed is making the transition to an international project where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. This includes a separate Website for Kronos, a forum ONLY for Kronos, whose only language will be English, a progress bar showing you the current state of various aspects of development as well as regular news about recent fixes and improvements and the advertisement campaigns through videos, social media and so on. As one of the things that clearly went wrong on the last Kronos was the overemphasis on the Czech community, this time there will be no CZ forum, no official support for an own channel, and a more stringent punishment for talking in other languages on the world channel.

And if you thought Kronos is script-wise already in a really good shape, let me tell you, we want to make it even better – and not, as on so many other private servers, only the high-level content but also the small things you can encounter on your journey to level 60. Actually only Retail was better!

Furthermore, when Kronos relaunches, everyone will have to start from scratch – this time on a lot lower rates; this enables a unique experience while everyone is still leveling and farming. Though this might sound like a wipe for you – this is not the case! So not all hours spent on Kronos have been in vain. We will inform you later on about everything in detail.

Finally for the release date:

We also want to thank all the players who stayed loyal to Kronos even in the worst moments.

TwinStar team