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Dec '14

News on TwinHEAD – BossKills improved and more

Kategorie: Cataclysm, General, TBC, Vanilla, WOTLK

Dear players,

During the last month we have been working on several new features for our TwinHEAD. Today we would like to tell you more about them. The upgrade of BossKills (see below) does not concern other realms than Artemis, while the remaining news items do.

BossKills upgrade

BossKills is a cool feature, but it was missing something. It contained only the most general information but not those interesting details that players like to study. Therefore me and Kioshi decided to change it. Now BossKills shows detailed records about every single encounter.

New elements:

  • Summary information about all kills (time of the kill, length of the fight, number of wipes and kills)
  • List of participant players for every encounter
  • Overview of every player’s statistics (class, spec, DPS, damage done and taken, HPS, healing done and taken, average item level)
  • Graph showing several key values as they change during the whole fight (raid damage and healing, enemy damage and healing)


I would also like to remind you several older features you might not know:

Note: BossKills were launched on Cataclysm on 1 July 2014 and therefore any kills having taken place before this date are not available.

disclaimer: the guild was chosen randomly – I am not an active player for a long time.

E-mail notifications

E-mail notifications were launched only a couple days ago. Now you can receive a notice informing you about various facts you might be interested in on TwinHEAD, for example:

  • Issue you created or watch has been fixed
  • Status of an issue you created or watch has been changed.
  • Issue you created or watch has a new comment.
  • (for developers) Somebody assigned an issue to you.


You do not have to worry about the language as every mail contains both Czech and English message.

The default settings are that you receive a mail only when an issue you created or watch has been fixed.


Of course, the settings can be changed in your profile (click on your nick in the upper right corner) according to your preferences.

Statuses when linking an issue

Finally, we have implemented a client script that automatically finds all links to issues on a page. He then detects the issue’s current status and changes the link’s colour accordingly, adding the name of the status itself.

At the time being this script works on TwinHEAD as well as on the forum. It has also been added to our Tooltip Service, so it automatically works for all users of this service.


We hope that the feature is going to help everybody while working with issues.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to write them to the General section on TwinHEAD.

For the TwinStar.cz Team