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Oct '15

BossKills statistics

Kategorie: Cataclysm, General, Vanilla

Dear players,

Have you ever wondered how well your guild does in terms of your progress or the speed of individual boss kills? Do you want to compare your DPS or HPS to other players on the server? Now you have the chance!

Recently, we have been working really hard on upgrading TwinHEAD and its BossKills features. As a result, there are new statistics in BossKills, the guild page has been reworked, every player’s history can now be traced, and we have created guild rankings based on their progress and the speed of their kills.

All these upgrades are available for our Cataclysm realm Artemis and Vanilla realm Kronos!

Boss Statistics

For every boss and for each of its versions (see 10-man Heroic Cho’gall, for example), we have added several new tabs:

  • First Kills – guild ranking based on the date and time of the kill
  • Fastest Kills – guild ranking based on the speed of the kill
  • Best DPS – player ranking based on their DPS
  • Best HPS – player ranking based on their HPS
  • Best Damagers by Class – player ranking based on their DPS and filtered according to their class and spec (see Fire Mages at 10-man Normal Argaloth, for example).


All these records are aggregated, meaning that every guild and every player only has one record there – the best one. If you are interested in unaggregated data, click on All Kills.

Searching for Guilds and Characters

It is now possible to search for guilds and characters in TwinHEAD. Just type the character’s or guild’s name into the standard search field and the autocomplete feature will display possible results. Or you can complete the searching process and – besides all the usual items that are searched through (NPCs, spells, issues etc.) – you will now be given a list of characters and guilds corresponding to your query. Clicking on what you have found will display the player’s statistics or the guild page.

Player Statistics

After you click on a random player’s profile, his complete records for each raid instance will appear. You will see his DPS, HPS, item level and there is the option to filter out certain bosses or difficulty modes (10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal, 25 Heroic).


Guild Page

The guild page has been reworked as well. Now it contains the guild’s progress during all PVE seasons, all the kills of all possible raid bosses (can be filtered out) and “Progress Kills” with “Speed Kills”, i.e. what is displayed in the First Kills and Fastest Kills ladder, respectively.

Guild Progress

Another newly created page shows the progress of individual guilds, where the primary sorting criterion is the number of kills in the raids of the same content. The second criterion is the date of the kills. To make the ranking more user-friendly, it has been divided based on the number of players in the raid (10-man and 25-man). As you can see, the number of guild raiding in 10 men is four times higher. Prove that your guild is full of true adventurers that can dominate even the 25-man ladder! 😉


Guild Speed Ranking

Guild speed ranking is a guild ladder based on how quickly the guild was able to kill all the bosses of the same content. There are always only the first fifty guilds per boss in the ladder, with the first one receiving 100 points, the second one 98 points etc. These points are added up to form the definite rankings, which has also been divided into the 10-man and 25-man ladder. The ladder is updated once a day during the night.

All these features and all the bosses of the ongoing content can now be found under a new menu tab called “BossKills”.

Should you have any comments and suggestions, you can post them on our forum, or – if it is a complex suggestion to implement a new feature, for example – you can create an issue directly in TwinHEAD’s General section.

Facebook Share

Again, you can earn a small reward in the form of TwinStar Stars if you share this article on your Facebook profiles. Please, do so via our TwinHEAD application. The article can be shared from 28 October, 7 PM until 1 November, 7 PM. After that, we will check the validity of all the shares and – provided you have met all the requirements – send you 25 TwinStar Stars.