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Mar '16

4.2 Rage of The Firelands

Kategorie: Cataclysm

Dear players,

We believe it is the right time to announce that our server will soon take another major step forward in the current Cataclysm expansion: the 4.2 content and everything related to it is going to be released in several weeks. Keep reading!

I do not usually use exaggerated words when describing our work, I do not extol what our team does and I definitely do not boast of how brilliant and amazing we are. Today, however, I would really love to do all this since it would all be completely justified.
But I will not, even despite hundreds and maybe thousands of hours we have devoted to the development. I hope that when you yourselves try out the new content and experience everything we have prepared, it will speak for itself.

It has been over five months since we started to fully focus on this monstrous project. There were first tentative scripting attempts, first bits of code and first small tests. Now, after an immense number of self-confident scripts, tons of code and countless tests, we dare to say that… WE ARE PREAPRED!

All the individual, yet interconnected story lines, details, links and locations and the raid instance itself are in such a state that we are now able to provide you with the final date of releasing, and that is… Well, let’s wait for a moment.

If there is anyone not aware of our regular articles concerning the 4.2 content and its development, let me sum it up briefly once again.

Elemental Bonds
elemental bonds
The entire quest chain serves as the introduction to the story. It is not necessary to complete the quests, but if you do, you will acquire an epic cloak (item level 365). And that is quite a motivation to go through the chain.

The Regrowth and Molten Front
molten front

We are talking here about the Regrowth in Mount Hyjal and the Molten Front inside the Firelands, where you can accept more daily quests. By completing them, you will receive the Mark of the World Tree currency. Later you will get access to vendors exchanging these Marks for interesting items or a mount.
In addition, Molten Front is a location that keeps changing based on how many quests you have already completed and which parts of the zone you have gotten into so far.

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest
legendary achievement

As on other expansions, certain classes can add a legendary weapon to their collection on Cataclysm as well. The weapon is for casters this time (Mage, Warlock, Priest, Druid, Shaman), and you can acquire it for completing one of the quest chains. If you meet all the requirements, you will be offered the first quest in the Firelands. However, some quests have to be completed in a group. Get ready for a major challenge, rise to it and obtain a truly unique weapon!

The Firelands

This raid instance, where you will have to deal with seven bosses, is often considered the pinnacle of the Cataclysm PVE content due to the final epic encounter with Ragnaros. All four difficulties will be available at once (10-man normal, 10-man HC, 25-man normal, 25-man HC).
Moreover, you will be able to watch the progress of individual guilds on our TwinHEAD, where we are soon going to add the respective tab for the raid.

Baradin Hold – Occu’thar

A new boss will be spawned in the Tol Barad prison. For this patch, it is Occu’thar. As in all the previous cases, it will drop both PVP and PVE items after being killed. The boss is going to be released a week after the launch of the 4.2 content.

PvP Season

The ongoing PVP season will be replaced by a new one, Arena Season 10 (Ruthless), along with the release of the new Baradin Hold boss. Arena Season 9 will be terminated on 28 April 2016 at 11:59 PM (server time).
The course of this season will then be inspected along with the results and all suspicious matches. As soon as this process is finished, the final ranking is going to be announced and the rewards given out. The new season will start a week after the launch of the 4.2 content.

Instance patche 4.0.6

Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the Four Winds are going to be nerfed based on the values from official servers. Also, the reduction aura is going to be removed completely.

Conversion of Valor Points and Conquest Points
All Valor Points will be converted down to Justice Points up to the 4000 point cap, with any points over the cap being converted to gold. Likewise, all Conquest Points will be converted down to Honor Points up to the 4000 point cap, with any points over the cap being converted to gold. The conversion rate is: 1 point = 35 silver.

Now we can get to the dates:

All chain quests and the Firelands raid will be released the first day after an ID reset, that’s Friday. To be specific, it will happen on 29 April 2016 (the exact time will be specified later).
Occu’thar in Baradin Hold and the new PVP Season will have to wait for a week and will be released on 6 May 2016 (the exact time will be specified later).

As usual, this article can be shared on your Facebook profiles via our TwinHEAD application. You can do so from this moment until the launch of the new content, i.e. 29 April 2016, 12 PM (server time). If they meet all the rules, all sharers will receive 100 TwinStar Stars after the shares are checked. The reward is four times bigger than usual since it is a very important piece of news.

We hope that you will have fun embarking on all these new adventures. Good luck!

For the TwinStar.cz Team,

Everyone participating in the development