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Aug '17

What the future brings

Kategorie: General

Dear Players,

Today’s news marks the beginning of something new and memorable for the entire private WoW community. Our project has gone through many changes since it first started, and although that seems like forever ago, it really was just the beginning.

As you all know, players are the most important part of every project in the private WoW scene. Servers require a healthy population and participation from players in order to thrive, and to keep the staff dedicated and motivated to working on the project. In the past, our projects have always focused on a small region in central Europe. We saw many other projects come and go, but as time went on, only ours remained.

With the success that Kronos has seen, we decided to take a step back and look at Artemis — our main project. Artemis is currently on the Cataclysm expansion but it has only been open to a small region of players. When looking at what the international Cataclysm scene has to offer, we’ve ultimately found that our project is of the highest quality, and that we have been doing a disservice to the community by not making Artemis available to players around the world.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let us be very clear.

We will be launching a New International Cataclysm Realm

Why a new server you ask? We want to offer all of our players (new and veterans alike) a chance to start together on a realm that has already had significant development work completed, where many issues have been resolved. You can see a list of locations that have been fully scripted, tested, and are ready for questing here : PvE Locations

A name has not been decided for our new realm, but we’re discussing a number of possibilties and we will let you know as soon as we decide.

Some of the next major steps for us are to prepare a new “face” for this project. You can expect to see major changes to our website, forum, facebook page (english version), and account manager. Every communication channel that we use will be reviewed and updated. Raising awareness around this new project is one of our top priorities, so please join us on Discord and Facebook and help spread the word!

We invite everyone who is interested to come to test the current functionality of our Cataclysm realm on the Artemis server (primarily CZ/SK), which was launched in April 2014. You’re also welcome to explore our PTR, but do keep in mind that since it’s used for testing that it will not be as stable or polished as the live realm.

An exact launch date for the international Cataclysm realm has not been decided yet, but will be announced shortly. We are looking at dates only a few months out at most.

In order to guarantee the continuation and preservation of your characters, you should know that this project will not end with Cataclysm.

Yes… YES… Mists of Pandaria

You will overthrow new obstacles, gain new achievements and you will get to know everything new that has been brought by this expansion. It will be a long journey, we know that, but we are committed to taking the community there!

We are already looking forward to our shared journeys.

CZ facebook

TwinStar Team