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Sep '17

More details about Hades

Kategorie: Cataclysm, General

Dear players,

Time is quickly passing as we prepare for the release of the Hades project. We have some specific details of the project that we think are important, and we would like to share them with you. 

The release date for  Hades has been set for 16.11.2017 (November 16th), when we will launch on the 4.0.3 patch.

On that date, you will be able to create a new character and begin your journey; gaining experience, completing quests, exploring the world, and fighting your way through dungeons and battlegrounds.

Thanks to your testing on the Artemis PTR, and the issues that you’ve reported, we’ve been able to complete work on a significant amount of content. Prior to the launch we will be doing huge database and core fixes for zones including Deepholm and Twilight Highlands. Magmaw, Chimaeron (Blackwing Descent), Halfus Wyrmbreaker a Valiona & Theralion (Bastion of Twilight) are already finished. We’ve even completed a full rework for the dungeons Lost City of Tol’Vir and The Vortex Pinnacle.

The status of all locations is shown in this complete overview.

Three weeks after the launch of Hades, all of the Cataclysm content will be released in its entirety. Mount Hyjal, Vashj’ir, Deepholm, Uldum and Twilight Highlands will be opened, along with all dungeons, raid instances, and battlegrounds.

The date will be 7.12.2017 (December 7th). For those who climb to level 80 before then, you may find your journey briefly suspended until that date.

The race for the “Realm First” achievements will begin soon!

Non-gameplay influencing mechanics such as Transmogrification and Void Storage will be enabled at launch. Reforging is a feature, which was released with patch 4.0.1, and because of that it will be available at the launch of Hades as well (with the 4.3 UI of course).

Some other questions we’ve been asked are answered below in our FAQ.

Q: Do you plan to allow XP rate changes for the 1-80 level range?
A: No, x1 XP rate is strictly set for the whole level range.

Q: Will you allow characters to be transferred between Artemis (or any other realm) to the Hades project?
A: At this time there are no plans to allow character transfers.

Q: What will happen for the launch of the Mists of Pandaria expansion?
A: We will specify more details about the next expansion as it becomes relevant

Q: What client version will I need for the Hades gameplay?
A: 4.3.4

Q: Will it be possible to gain XP in battlegrounds?
ACertainly. We’ve created a handy graph that shows XP values for battlegrounds.


Our team has put together some great quest videos, highlighting the quality of gameplay and questing you can expect to see while wandering the Hades realm.

You can now follow us on Facebook where we will be continuously posting additional announcements and sharing information.

We are looking forward to sharing your experiences on Hades.

Team Hades