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Kronos III


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Srp '18

Changelog 03.07.2018 – 03.08.2018 (73 fixes)

Kategorie: Cataclysm

Vážení hráči,

přinášíme changelog oprav, tentokrát za měsíc červen/júl.

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TwinStar tým

Spells (17)

Death Knight
#9706 Glyphed Polymorph or Blind will no longer dispel Unholy Frenzy

#2548 Fixed a bug when Cobra Shot would not generate any focus, refresh the Serpent Sting and do damage
#10768 Marked for Death will apply on spell cast, rather than on spell hit
#10768 Marked for Death will no longer grant unerring sight of the target or display affected target on the mini-map

#6004 Arcane Blast debuff will be consumed on Arcane spell cast, instead of Arcane spell landing
#2447 Fixed all known bugs of Focus Magic
#1119 Frostfire Bolt will again benefit from Permafrost and Frostfire Orb talents, fixed tooltip bug, Impact will only spread glyphed Frostfire Bolt

#9168 Cloak of Shadows will not prevent gaining Envenom aura
#13402 Friendly dispels will no longer dispel Envenom aura

#2919 Fixed all known bugs of Dark Intent

#16392 Corrected proc change for Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence, changed the amount of Infinite Dust obtainable from using Abyssal Shatter
#16392 Abyssal Shatter has a chance to grant skill-up now
#19689 Mounting requires 300 Tailoring skill now
#19690 Mounting requires 425 Tailoring skill now
#19691 Mounting requires 425 Tailoring skill now
#8037 Added Glyph of Lay on Hands
#12227 After reentering the water, buff will be correctly reapplied
Dungeons (5)
#11872 Blackwing Descent Omnotron Defense System will no longer sometimes reward no loot
#16672 Eye of Eternity Wyrmrest Skytalons are able to fly in 25-man difficulty now
#12626 The Nexus Rework for quest givers, added missing event to Postponing the Inevitable, fixed unit flags for Crazed Mana-Surge
#9586 The Stockade Mobs from instance are now awarding reputation
#13271 Throne of the Tides Lady Naz’jar will no longer double or triple cast her spells in second and third phase
Quests (41)

Classes – Rogue
#14315 Added PoI
Dungeons – Blackrock Depths
#15945 Added spawns of The Twilight Creed gameobject
Dungeons – The Blood Furnace
#13641 Added PoI
Eastern Kingdoms – Arathi Highlands
#2144 Fozruk is no longer walking around the area
#12142 Forsaken Courier now travels alone and has a new path
Eastern Kingdoms – Hillsbrad Foothills
#2631 The quest has been reworked
#10370 Quest rework
Eastern Kingdoms – The Hinterlands
#5034 Every PoI is now present
Kalimdor – Bloodmyst Isle
#19299 Added RP event
Kalimdor – Mount Hyjal
#1781 Quest reworked
#5735 Wailing Weeds will now correctly enter combat
Kalimdor – Tanaris
#7522 After spawn, Southsea Scoundrel will correctly engage in combat with the player
Miscellaneous – Elemental Bonds
#16187 Event was reworked
Northrend – Grizzly Hills
#6214 Imperial Eagle will despawn after the buff will fade from him
#6120 Gavrock’s Runebreaker is usable on Weakened Giants now
#19696 After looting the object Drakkari Canopic Jar, the closest Ancient Drakkari will now say a quote and will attack the player
#8897 After accepting the quest, players gets the Gift of the Giants buff
#5753 The daily quest is now accessible only after completing the previous, non-daily version
#19698 Added debuff and animation after using Charged Drakil’jin Mallet
#19693 Highland Mustangs behave correctly after being hit by the quest item
#19699 Added quotes after clicking on gameobjects
Northrend – Howling Fjord
#12327 Players will be able to see Garwal if they have Eyes of the Eagle aura active
#19677 Hungry Plaguehound is now in a defensive state and will correctly despawn after leaving the area
#19684 After killing the Riven Widow Cocoon, a random NPC will always spawn
#14310 Sorlof should not get into permanent evade state anymore
#19678 Quest is now accessible only after a player completes Burn Skorn, Burn!, Gruesome, But Necessary and Towers of Certain Doom quests
Northrend – Sholazar Basin
#9629 NPCs will now spawn correctly
#15467 Added player’s say after identifying tracks
#13064 Escort event will correctly start with all spawned Injured Rainspeaker Oracles
#19274 Corrected chaining
Outland – Blade\’s Edge Mountains
#13324 Quest has been reworked
Outland – Hellfire Peninsula
#18091 Quest has been reworked
Outland – Nagrand
#19665 Quest event will not get stuck anymore
Outland – Shadowmoon Valley
#9454 Fixed Murg „Oldie“ Muckjaw’s movement speed
#19263 Fixed Trope the Filth-Belcher’s movement speed
#19284 Players are now correctly able to start the quest after someone else completes it
#18557 Players are now correctly able to start the quest after someone else completes it
Outland – Shattrath City
#9803 The quest event now starts correctly
Outland – Terokkar Forest
#19415 Reduced Raliq’s, Coosh’coosh’s and Floon’s melee damage
The Maelstrom – Deepholm
#5200 Quest reworked
#12169 Seahorse will always have the correct speed
Achievements (1)
#3047 Achievement should no longer disappear after server restart
NPCs (6)
Blasted Lands
#2509 Boar is correctly using all of its abilities
Dun Morogh
#15117 Sharptooth Frenzy should no longer swim out of the water
Grizzly Hills
#5681 Fallen Earthen Warrior will have 1 HP now
Howling Fjord
#19675 Removed double spawn
Shattrath City
#19715 Corrected position
Unknown Location
#19708 Alarmed Blightguard correctly removes Scourge Disguise from players
Items (2)
#19721 Corrected loot table
#19679 Winterhoof Brave is defensive now
Objects (1)
#19730 Players can interact with Kolkars‘ Booty chest now