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Uptime: 1d 20h 35m

Login: ONLiNE


Uptime: 0d 21h 0m

Login: ONLiNE


Uptime: 58d 19h 52m

Login: ONLiNE


Login: ONLiNE

How to Connect

Registration of game account

The first step to start playing on the biggest free gaming server is to successfully register your game account. You can create it HERE. After doing so you will receive an email with an activation link which you need to click on in order to have the account activated. Congratulations, you have just completed the first step towards endless fun on our server.

Choose the expansion to play on
Artemis/Hades – Cataclysm
Hyperion – Wrath of the Lich King
Kronos – WoW Classic Vanilla

Cata PTR

Client version: 4.3.4

set realmlist login.twinstar.cz
#set realmlist login2.twinstar.cz
#set realmlist login3.twinstar.cz
set patchlist localhost

You can change the realmlist by adding or removing the “#” symbol on the corresponding line with the ,”set realmlist loginX.twinstar.cz”, text. Changing the login will make your network route to the server different, which might help you to choose the betwork network latency for you needs. You can only have one line without the “#” symbol ( uncommented) and the rest should be commented by the “#” symbol at the beginning on the line. The last line should always be set patchlist localhost ( without any symbols at the beginning of the line).

Your realmlist should look like one of the ones shown on the picture below

1) Download and unzip the game client:
World of Warcraft Cataclysm 4.3.4

2) Launch the game via WoW.exe.

3) Do not use email to log into the game, use only username. Trying to log in using email will result in game updates being downloaded and you won’t be able to start the game.

Have fun playing on our servers!


Deimos & Phobos - Wrath of the Lich King

Client version: 3.3.5a (12340)
Realmlist: set realmlist wow.twinstar.cz

In order to play on the WotLK version of WoW, that means on Hyperion, you need to follow these simple steps. Everything is prepared so that everyone will be able to go through this guide by himself.

1) Download all files from the following folder:
Twinstar WotLK

2) Execute the first file from the archive (it is an exe file), choose the directory where you want to have the WotLK version of the game installed and click on OK. Then the whole game will unpack in your folder, completely patched and almost ready to be played.

3) Change what is inside the “realmlist.wtf” file according to the instructions above (so it will contain only one line). This file is to be found in Data\enGB or Data\enUS.

4) Twinstar Team wishes you a lot of fun.