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How to secure your account

Below you can find several tips on how to protect your account from having it theft or hacked by an unauthorized person. Every one of you has a character on his account to which he has built some kind of relationship and certainly wants to avoid the unpleasant and needless surprise when finding out that somebody has just deleted his character’s hard-won equipment or, even worse, that his top character has been deleted or transferred to some other account. For this reason, we provide you with a few basic pieces of advice to help you prevent this potential scenario so that you could enjoy the game without any worries.

1. Create a strong enough password
Do not use valid words from your native or any other language. Do not use anything that can be guessed, dates of birth, names, “unguessable” passwords like “letmein” or “password” etc. Your password should contain at least eight characters, but the longer the better. Where possible, use a combination of letters (you can of course use both upper and lower case letters), numbers and preferably even special characters. Changing your password from time to time can also help.

2. Do not use the same password everywhere
If somebody managed to guess your account password, he would also get access to the account manager, where he could see the first letters of your email address and of course he could try to get access to it too. In case these passwords are all identical, he would succeed and you would have quite a problem caused entirely by your own recklessness. The same applies to your forum account.
Your email’s security question and the answer to it ought to be impossible to be guessed or answered by anyone except you.

3. Do not use the name of your character as your username and keep your username secret
If there was for example somebody who would like to pay you back for something, he could get this “brilliant idea” to hack into your account and delete every single character on it. If you tell such people your username or choose one of your commonly used nicks as your username, they have one less thing to care about. They can start guessing your password and wrong guesses result in a ten minute autoban on your account.

4. Do not log in from a computer when you do not know what applications are installed on it
A friend of yours could have installed an application which records everything you type on the keyboard (it is called keylogger) – SMS, emails, chat messages, and, more importantly, your usernames, nicks, passwords… Simply everything. All these data are then saved into a text file and can be accessed and used later on. This application can be installed anywhere – in the school, library, internet café etc. If you log in from such computer, even the longest and most complicated password will not help you.

5. Do not trust any suspicious links you find on the forum or in your email.
Do not enter your password after clicking on some strange link – the page could be a fake and you would give your password to somebody who should definitely not have it. Log in to the account manager via the Twinstar web page or enter the address manually. The same applies to your email.

6. Protect your computer
Use a firewall, antivirus program and spyware removal software. Set a password to all your user accounts including the administrator one. Be careful about what application you install on your computer and what you download. Never leave your computer alone, even should it be for a minute, with a “friend” sitting in front of it. If you have to, log out at least. Having your passwords written on a piece of paper near your computer or saved in a text file on the desktop is also not the best idea.

7. Never tell your passwords to anybody!
YOU MUST NOT TELL YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYBODY, NOT EVEN TO THE TEAM MEMBERS as they do not need it and they would not ask for it.
Even though you are really craving for this super cool item you can loot from the boss that your group is preparing to fight and you have to go offline, do not ask other people to play for your character. Of course, you have been trying to get this item for maybe three months now and there might be a friend of yours who does not expect any loot, so you could give him your username and password and he would play instead of you… Just do not do it. He could abuse your trust.
If you find yourself stuck because of some kind of a bug and your friend tells you that he could solve it by logging in to your account and taking control over your character, it is better not to accept this offer and try to use our IRC to ask a GM for help.
Another friend of yours has never played for your class and he would like to try it, because he is deciding whether to start levelling it or not, whether he is going to enjoy some fun with it, he wants to know what spells it has, how its talents work, he wants to try only a couple of battlegrounds or dungeons/raids… If he has already levelled up a character, he certainly has at least some information about other classes. He can look up the pros and cons on the Internet and start with levelling or, in case he still has some doubts, he can try your class on some fun server. He definitely does not need your account, so do not give him your username and/or password.

8. Do not trade accounts!
On the world channel you can often see offers like “I want to trade acc … lvl … for … lvl … + email”. Not only is it an offence against the rules which can be punished, but in most cases it is also an attempt to deceive other players and get access to their accounts. Your account is yours and it should stay yours. If you want to trade characters, there is the character auction, where you can sell, buy or trade characters without any risk. Again, do not trade accounts and under no circumstances trade emails!!!

The more of these tips you will use, the safer your account will be.