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IRC tutorial

IRC is a way of communication with the TS team as well as with other players. You can use it if you need urgent help with some serious issue. IRC consists of various channels and each of them has its specific purpose:

  • #twinstar is a channel for a free discussion. If you have a question that can be answered by other players, try to ask here.
  • #twinstar-help is a channel where you can ask the members of the TS team to help you. However, we cannot guarantee 24/7 service as it always depends on whether a team member is present on the channel.


How to connect

You can download it here.
How to install and setup:

Installation and setup are quick and easy. After installation and when first running the client you have to choose the server irc.twinstar.cz Port: +6697 (SSL). If it is missing on the list it is necessary to type it in along with the nickname you will be using. Then you simply type /join #twinstar or any other channel you want to join and IceChat will do so. However, if you have your nick registered on IRC, a few further steps are needed:

  • – Right-click on “server” – “Edit server” and a table with the server options opens.
  • – Then proceed to “Startup” in the left part of the table and enter your IRC password in the “NickServ Password” field.

You can also use the AutoJoin List feature – it enables you to make a list of the channels which you will join automatically after the client is run. To create your list go to “Edit server” – “AutoJoin List”. Always enter the channels in this form: #channel password. Remember that it is necessary to tick the two options below – “Enable AutoJoin Delay” and “Enable AutoJoin List”.
In “Options” – “IceChat Settings” – “Sound Events” you can tell the client to give you a signal whenever your nick is mentioned in the chat (so called HL – highlight). You simply choose any sound you want and have in your computer for the options “Your Nickname is said in a Channel” and “Your Nickname is said in a Query”.
In “Options” – “Fonts” you can adjust the colour, size and type of fonts.


You can download it here.
How to install and setup:

After you run the client a window with predefined servers pops up:
Po zapnutí na nás vyskočí okno s předdefinovanými servery


In the upper right corner click on “New network”:
V pravém horním rohu klikneme na Nová Síť


By clicking on “New network” a network called “new network” will be added on the list.
Rename it for example to “Twinstar-irc”.
Přejmenujeme si jí např. na Twinstar-irc


After you rename your new network, click on the “New server” tab (in the upper right corner under “New network”).
Attention – make sure that you are making this step while having your new network selected (“Twinstar-irc” in my case). Otherwise the server would not be created under this network.
Po přejmenování klikneme na ikonku vpravo nahoře, pod ikonkou Nová síť na ikonku Nový server


The new server appeared under “Twinstar-irc”. Now we rename it – in the same way we have already done it – to irc.mibbit.com. Then click on “Advanced”:
A klikneme na pokročilé


Enter your nickname in the “User name” field. Do not enter your password unless you are registered on IRC.
Do kolonky uživatelské jméno zadáte vaši přezdívku.


Then click on the “Join channels” tab.
Type TWINSTAR in the field above the “Add” option and then click on “Add”.
Poté klikneme na záložku


Then click on “OK” and then on “Connect now”.
Poté dáme ok a klikneme na PŘIPOJIT NYNÍ


This procedure ensures that every time you run KVIrc this table with servers appears and then it is enough to click on irc.mibbit.com and “Connect now” to join the Twinstar’s channel automatically.
If you want to join the help channel type /join #twinstar-help.


IRC chat rules

  • – Use highlight (HL) which means that in the chat you type the whole name of the person you want to talk to and right after his/her name you add the information you want to tell him/her.
  • – Wait for the answer – nobody checks the chat 24/7 so you might have to wait for some time.