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Solving problems without GM

Problem: All of a sudden, I am not able to use Thrown or Offhand.
Solution: Set up a duel and let your opponent use a disarm ability on you. Dismantle (rogue) or Disarm (warrior)

Problem: I have a problem with textures, the ground is transparent.
Solution: Type the command: /console fixedfunction 1
Then restart WoW.

Problem: I am not in a party, but other people see me in one.
Solution: Type the command: /script LeaveParty();
This will quit any party you are in at the moment.

Problem: I cannnot leave the 2v2 arena team.
Solution: Type the command: /teamquit 2v2

Problem: I am a guild master, but I cannot see the content of some tabs in the guild bank.
Solution: Rename the guild master rank back to its original name – “Guild Master”.
Another solution: As a guild master, go to the guild control panel, deactivate all the guild master’s rights and then activate them again (yellow ticks in the upper part).

Problem: I cannot see what I or other players say in some channels.
Solution: Mouse over to the chat tab, right-click on the General button and choose Reset Chat Windows.
Another solution: Disable your addons, delete the Cache directory. In case all this does not work, make a copy of the WTF directory and then remove it from the WoW directory.

Problem: I am a guild master, we have enough money in our guild bank, but still we cannnot buy a tab.
Solution: Withdraw the money from the guild bank. The player buying the tab must carry it.

Problem: I am a Death Knight and I cannot summon the ghoul.
Solution: You need Corpse Dust from a reagent vendor.
Another solution: The ghoul can sometimes get bugged. In this case, a relog is needed.

Problem: I have fallen into the texture and I cannot get out.
Solution: Log out of the game and then log into the Account Manager on our website and use the Unstuck option.

Problem: I keep getting WoW error (132) after logging into the game.
Solution: Disable your addons, delete the Cache directory, use the Unstuck option in the Account Manager.

Problem: I cannnot zoom in/out the camera.
Solution: Type the command /script SetCVar (“cameraDistancemax” ,50) – it sets the maximum camera distance. This adjustment can also be done in Video Options.
You zoom in/out with the mouse wheel, End, Home, Pg Down (these are defaults, check your controls in Interface -> Key Bindings).

Problem: I have earned a new title, but I cannot see it in the character tab. Therefore, I cannot select it from the list of my titles and use it.
Solution: In case you have a higher amount of titles, a small, almost invisible scroll bar appears in the window where you select from the available titles. Scroll down and you will find your new ones.

Problem: I am doing a quest and I have all the required items, but the quest cannot be completed.
Solution: Abandon the quest and then accept it again. Do not forget to check if you have all the required items in your inventory and not in your bank.

Problem: I cannot mount or dismount.
Solution: Type the command .dismount or /dismount. If this does not help, quit the game and delete the Cache directory.

Problem: I cannot walk through some doors.
Solution: Reloging while not mounted should help, if not, delete the Cache directory. To prevent this issue, it is better to dismount before you are ported (by warlock, mage, to dungeon/BG etc.) and to not relog while mounted.

Problem: I gain no experience and I am not level 80 yet.
Solution: There are NPCs in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar (near the Battlemasters), who can turn off/on gaining experience for a small fee.

Problem: I cannot open an egg (from Oracles, for example) as it keeps saying “0 sec”.
Solution: Put it into the basic 16 slot bag or in your bank.

Problem: No quests are displayed on the map.
Solution: Complete or abandon some quest.

Problem: After summoning or ressurecting my pet, I cannot see the pet bar.
Solution: Remember some key binding you use to control your pet: its ability, spell or anything else (the defaults are, for example, ctrl+1, ctrl+2 and so on). The pet bar should appear after using the bind.
Another solution: Dismiss your pet and then summon it again.

Problem: I am a guild master and I cannot pass my rank to another player.
Solution: If you cannot change the GuM in the guild options, type the command: /gleader nameoftheplayer

Problem: I cannot see any tooltips (info from the spellbook) of the spells and the talents on my action bars.
Solution: Esc -> Interface -> Help -> Show Tooltips

Problem: My addons keep causing errors.
Solution: Esc -> Interface -> Help -> Show Lua Errors, or disable your addons.

Problem: I cannot see the Party/Raid interface.
Solution: Type the command: /reload or /reload ui. If the problem persists and you use addon X-Perl, there is a Show Raid option in its settings, where you can turn on/off the display of the interface.
Another solution: Disable your addons and delete the Cache directory.

Problem: I have a slow debuff from Ulduar, WSG debuff etc.
Solution: These effects usually disappear after death.