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Čvc '14

Changelog until 6th of July, 2014

Kategorie: Vanilla

Dear players,

we are sorry for having been silent for more than a month, but you may be familiar with the strain caused by exams in June and July. However now everyone in our team got plenty of free time and is back to working on the server.

From now on there will be regular news posts dealing with one particular theme like a 5 man, a raid, a mechanic or a special quest. Those will contain a detailed description and more importantly a video showing you the fix in action.

Furthermore there will be posts just like this, presenting all the fixes recently implemented with a special focus on more important issues. Expect one of these posts about once every other week, depending on how much has been fixed or whether a key feature takes some more time to be fine-tuned.

Today’s topics are NPC mechanics, Line of Sight (LoS) of objects and combat mechanics.

NPC mechanics:

You have probably been in a situation where you just have to kill a single NPC which happens to be surrounded by several packs. On most servers you can just pull your target out of the camp, and don’t need to worry with mobs on your target’s path, however on Retail and now also on Kronos this leads to aggroing everything along the way said NPC moves. This so called chain-pulling mechanic also applies to feared targets who may run into friendly units. Chainpulling is enabled for all Humanoids, most Demons and several kinds of Beasts.

Doesn’t this make humanoids too strong in addition to their “fleeing at low health” behavior? No, it does not, since regular NPCs will from now on get slowed if they are below 20% of their total health, so there should be enough time to finish off humanoids trying to alert their allies.

Both features make the classic world feel more alive, since the aid mechanic underlines the social component of mobs, whereas the slow mirrors the possibility of getting wounded and no longer being able to walk or move properly.

Line of Sight of objects:

Another cornerstone of this week’s changelog is the fix to the line of sight of objects all across Azeroth. The most important ones are quite possibly the tree stumps in Warsong Gulch, which previously made it impossible to hit players with ranged attacks or spells even though they appeared to be in Line of Sight.

Other noteworthy objects are the Gates in Stratholme which are no longer skippable through the use of blink or charge, preventing an unintended way of farming Magistrate Barthilas.

Combat mechanics:

Combat mechanics are obviously at the center of gameplay and thus a high degree of perfection needs to be achieved for an authentic experience. Last week we made another step toward reaching that level by adjusting the blocking and channeling mechanics.

From now on magical melee attacks, such as those done by Ragnaros or Thunderaan, can no longer be blocked. This results in the right amount of damage dealt by such creatures to tanks.

Additionally several issues with channeling spells were fixed, i.e. you won’t be able to cast Arcane Missiles on friendly targets or waste mana and time on casting it on out of sight targets since in both cases an error message will now show up.

Future updates:

Additional recent fixes, which we will highlight after some final adjustments in future updates include: The Aurius Event in Stratholme, the Paladin and Warlock Epic Mount Quest, the Alt + F4 mechanic preventing abusive behavior in PvE and open world PvP, pooling of Stratholme Supply Crates and more!

Changelog until 06.07.2014:
And finally a list of all the fixes – small and big:

General (6)
#2494 Alt + F4 effect After using Alt + F4, players will still be shown online for another 20 secs.
Block Magic-damage melee auto-attacks are no longer blockable. Such as those done by Ragnaros.
Crash Fix Fixed a crash caused by pet summon.
Ingame Mail Fixed an exploit which allowed to send free mails.
#1865 Missing error message Added a missing error message for HoTs if you try to overwrite a stronger one.
#2457 NPC’s should pull other NPC’s on their way All humanoid and undead NPCs and many beast and demon NPCs will now (again) assist their allies.
Npcs (14)
Alterac Mountains
#2603 Now uses the correct model.
#2607 Added the specific loot to this rare spawn’s loottable.
Dire Maul
#1923 Fixed the release event of Immol’thar along with some related yells.
#2484 Phase Lashers will now change phases, and cast different spells in those.
#2610 Added missing specific loot.
#2611 Added missing specific loot.
Elwynn Forest
#2612 Added missing specific loot.
Loch Modan
#2613 Added missing specific loot.
#2487 Lord Alexei Barov will now always drop at least one Rare item.
#1170 Is now immune against every spell school except holy.
#2079 After giving him the Medallion of Faith, he will now help you fight Baron Rivendare.
#2616 No longer drops unintended higher level items.
Unknown Location
#1920 The Tannin event related to Tribute Runs now works correctly.
#2615 Is now skinnable and tamable.
Objects (1)
#240 Fixed the Stratholme Supply Crates, so now the result of looting will be random!
Items (8)
#2580 Added to the Scarshield Quartermaster’s loottable.
#2604 Added this item to Lo’Grosh’s loottable.
#2575 The Silithus Spoils Bags will now reward the correct loot.
#2605 Added this item to Skhowl’s loottable.
#2606 Added this and „Vibrant Silk Cape“ to the loottable of Singer.
#2619 Now has the correct classic stats (30 Agility, 1 % Hit).
#2593 Was added to Fenros‘ loottable along with „Tribal Worg Helm“ (#2592).
#2518 Fixed dps for some epic / rare ranged weapons.
Quests (11)

Classes – Paladin
#28 Added functionality for the Holy Blast effect caused by the right Judgement.

Classes – Warlock
#2080 Completly overhauled this quest, so it now resembles the retail version in nearly every aspect.
Eastern Kingdoms – Northern Stranglethorn
#2595 Fixed various DB issues.
#2614 Corrected minimum level for all the Nesingwary quests.
Eastern Kingdoms – Searing Gorge
#1115 Fixed Dorius not moving after starting the quest.
Eastern Kingdoms – Tirisfal Glades
#2600 The whole q series is now available for any Horde race.
#2591 Is now properly gated behind the quest „At War With The Scarlet Crusade“.
Kalimdor – Durotar
#2590 Added prequests to some starter zone quests. Related to #2587 – #2590
Kalimdor – Orgrimmar
#2617 Corrected the minimum level to accept this quest and its prequest.
#2598 Is no longer part of a series.
#2599 Is now available for all Horde races.
Spells (5)

#2048 Fixed issues with line of sight.

#2179 Fixed a line of sight issue and the Missiles are no longer castable on friendly targets.

#2170 Will no longer show you are still channeling, even though you were interrupted.
#2497 After unlearning the parry talent, Shamans won’t be able to still parry.
#2534 Fixed the buff mechanic for Soulstone.
Dungeons (1)
Naxxramas Trash Fixed various database issues.
Mechanics (1)
#2503 NPCs slowed at low HP Normal Mobs will be slowed while being below 20% HP.
PvP (1)
Line of Sight Fixed various issues with line of sight (Warsong Gulch, Stratholme, …)