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Kronos III


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Úno '18

Changelog 02.12.2017 – 01.02.2018 (78 fixes)

Kategorie: Cataclysm

Spells (23)

#10484 Casting a dispel magic on a friendly target affected by Faerie Fire will dispel all stacks of Faerie Fire at once
#1710 Consecutive casts of Faerie Fire (Feral) with Feral Aggression (Rank 1) will stack Faerie Fire to 3 stacks
#1710 Feral Aggression will only cause Faerie Fire (Feral) to apply 2/3 stacks

#12837 Talent now correctly procs if the marked target is moving away from the hunter
#2544 Sic ‚Em! (rank 1) will correctly proc from Explosive Shot crits

#18757 Replenishment will correctly proc after using Judgement with all four Seals
#8342 Hand of Light’s damage will be increased by auras which increase magical damage taken (e.g. Curse of the Elements, etc.)

#19071 Paralysis will correctly slow NPCs

#6965 Hand of Light (Retribution Paladin mastery) and other spells which normally ignore damage reduction auras will be affected by damage reduction from Cheat Death
#9168 Rogue will get a „brief moment of immunity against magical damage and harmful effects“ after using Cloak of Shadows (added missing 1 sec duration immunity aura)
#14043 Glyph of Pick Pocket will correctly increase range of Pick Pocket

#18765 Chain Heal now jumps on damaged targets only
#3365 Healing Stream Totem no longer generates threat
#2511 Fixed a bug because of which Flame Shock wasn’t spread sometimes
#2511 Spreading Flame Shocks will no longer reset Shaman’s cooldown on Flame Shock, Frost Shock, or Earth Shock
#2511 Flame Shocks applied through Improved Lava Lash talent won’t deal their initial damage

#8529 Fixed calculating range of Legion Strike (Felguard)
#5848 Shadow Bite’s damage should be increased by Warlock’s class DoTs only (no non-Warlock DoTs, like procs from trinkets, etc. should increase Shadow Bite’s damage)
#18839 Shadow Embrace aura will be applied even if the target is not in LoS
#18841 Shadow and Flame aura will be applied even if the target is not in LoS
#9613 Soul Swap will correctly save DoTs even if its damage kills the target

#14066 Fixed calculating range of Intimidating Shout

#19026 Proc chance increased to 2 PPM
Dungeons (6)
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Global – Twilight Portals should appear once Valiona & Theralion are defeated
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Bound Deluge – Frost Whirl will be interruptible after Bound Deluge loses his Icy Shroud
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Bound Rumbler – Entomb’s damage will ignore armor
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Halfus Wyrmbreaker – Final corrections to quotes related to Halfus
#8099 The Culling of Stratholme LFG finish properly now
#7991 Trial of the Champion Black Knight changes phases properly now
Mechanics (1)
#18795 Rogue Energy Regeneration Bug Some attack speed reduction auras will no longer decrease energy regen
General (9)
#7776 Calendar No highlights on expired events anymore
#18093 Global – Creature / NPC Rooted NPCs will temporarily attack an enemy target in their melee range
#18093 Global – Creature / NPC NPCs won’t aggro for the first 5 seconds after respawn
#18093 Global – Creature / NPC NPCs will no longer regenerate mana in combat (unless they have an aura which does this)
#17039 Global – Range / Melee Leeway / AoE Leeway Implemented AoE leeway
#17039 Global – Range / Melee Leeway / AoE Leeway Implemented melee leeway
#17039 Global – Range / Melee Leeway / AoE Leeway Rewritten calculating PvP and PvE distance, updated calculating of player and NPCs hitboxes and combat reach
#18688 No herbs in Gilneas Add herb and vein spawns into Gilneas zone
#16955 Reset all instances Reset all instances option and script now propertly working
PvP (1)
#18746 Deserter doesn’t apply if you’re on a flight path. Deserter will correctly apply to player even while using flight path
Quests (8)
Dungeons – Uldaman
#19038 Quest items now correctly drop from Obsidian Sentinel and Ancient Stone Keeper
Eastern Kingdoms – Gilneas
#4004 Quest reworked
Eastern Kingdoms – Western Plaguelands
#2931 Visual corrections
Kalimdor – Bloodmyst Isle
#18646 Marked murlocs now correcly give quest credit
Outland – Hellfire Peninsula
#4000 Fire visual corrections
#11584 Fire visual corrections
#13327 Added missing fires after destroying the gateways + demon invasion
Outland – Shattrath City
#11686 Add POI
NPCs (25)
#1518 Weakened Mosshoof Stag will no longer drop cloth or fish
#18760 Players are now able to set their hearthstone at The Great Pisani
Blasted Lands
#14238 Rofilian Dane is no longer aggressive
#3939 Reduce respawn time and add ability Petrifying Gaze
#5914 NPCs are no longer hostile to Alliance
Dun Morogh
#18800 Removed incorrect say
#18806 Pathstalker Lontral has been added to the game
#9278 Updated Moonglade Wardens‘ stats to level 85
#19065 Remove duplicate NPC and add waypoints
#19003 Corrected spawn point, added WP path
The Hinterlands
#18766 Deathstalker Invaders will drop money
#18764 Gan’dranda will drop money
#18763 Revantusk Stalkers will drop money
#18767 Vilebranch Broodguards will drop money
#18768 Vilebranch Zealots will drop loot and money
Western Plaguelands
#9049 Corrected melee damage
#18751 Harbor Crawlers no longer drop cloth
#18752 Harbor Shredfins no longer drop cloth
#18743 Silty Oozelings no longer drop cloth
#18744 Slavering Ooze will no longer drop cloth
Unknown Location
#14192 Fixed a bug with Alysrazor’s hitbox which caused problems during the fourth phase
#14192 Fixed a bug which caused Fiery Tornadoes to desynchronize with their visuals
#12100 Add NPC spawn
#12871 NPCs now give 500 reputation when they are rescued
#14193 Rageface and Riplimb will no longer sometimes bug after evade
Items (2)
#12750 Trinket now has 45 ICD
#19069 It is no longer possible to catch Volatile Water or Cataclysm fish in non-Cataclysm zones while fishing
Objects (3)
#18983 Captain’s Chest is interactable now
#18918 Add spawns in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
#18919 Add spawns in Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj