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Kronos III


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Lis '18

Changelog 07.10.2018 – 06.11.2018 (51 fixes)

Kategorie: Cataclysm

Vážení hráči,

přinášíme changelog oprav, tentokrát za měsíc říjen/október.

Děkujeme za vaši pomoc při reportování chyb a problémů.

Spells (1)

#6791 Correction for interaction with Slow Fall spell effects
Dungeons (21)
#11938 Azjol-Nerub During the encounter with Hadronox, NPCs will correctly spawn and engage with the boss
#10156 Blackrock Caverns Evolved Twilight Zealot – spell corrections
#10156 Blackrock Caverns Twilight Zealot – equip corrections
#15771 Halls of Lightning Trash rework – spawns, waypoints and visuals
#15771 Halls of Lightning Loken – boss rework
#15771 Halls of Lightning Ionar – boss rework
#15771 Halls of Lightning Volkhan – boss rework
#15771 Halls of Lightning General Bjarngrim – boss rework
#8197 Halls of Reflection The first encounter can be started for both factions without any issue
#6713 Hellfire Ramparts Quest givers are now visible only for players with their faction
#6713 Hellfire Ramparts Nazan/Vazruden encounter rework
#7114 Icecrown Citadel Quest givers Lady Jaina Proudmoore, Muradin Bronzebeard, Uther the Lightbringer, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner will appear after the Lich King is defeated
#13120 Scarlet Monastery Scarlet Commander Mograine gets resurrected in all cases
#13120 Scarlet Monastery Trash corrections
#10402 Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Prophet Skeram reworked
#7872 The Oculus Loot from Ley-Guardian Eregos is now properly in a chest
#7872 The Oculus Ley-Guardian Eregos should not randomly despawn anymore
#7872 The Oculus Mage-Lord Urom boss rework
#7872 The Oculus Quest giver corrections
#12044 Uldaman Ancient Treasure will now spawn in the room after the last boss
#14431 Utgarde Keep Corrections to quest givers, quests and trash abilities
World Event (16)
#12704 Brewfest Added brewfest pre-event – Brewfest Camps Construction
#12704 Brewfest Dark iron dwarf attack – event rework
#12704 Brewfest Brew For Brewfest – daily quest made available to players
#12704 Brewfest Bark for T’chali’s Voodoo Brewery! – added QH
#12704 Brewfest Bark for Drohn’s Distillery! – added QH
#12704 Brewfest Bark for the Thunderbrews! – added QH
#12704 Brewfest Bark for the Barleybrews! – added QH
#12704 Brewfest There and Back Again – quest now uses the correct ram buff, removed timer
#12704 Brewfest Now This is Ram Racing… Almost. – removed timer
#12704 Brewfest Corrected changing of player’s mount while under effect of any of the brewfest hops buffs
#12704 Brewfest Fixed filling of event steins
#12704 Brewfest Corrected emotes around Synthebrew Goggles
#12704 Brewfest Wild Wolpertingers are now visible only to drunk players
#12704 Brewfest Apple Trap now properly resets Ram Fatigue
#12704 Brewfest Ramstein’s Swift Work Ram – corrected interaction with Ram Racing Reins
#12704 Brewfest Ramstein’s Swift Work Ram – corrections to forced movement
Quests (10)

Classes – Paladin
#19962 Removed race requirement
Kalimdor – Ashenvale
#6428 NPC should no longer disappear
Kalimdor – Mount Hyjal
#1783 Players will no longer get dismounted after using the Emerald Drake’s „Aerial Swipe“ ability
Kalimdor – Uldum
#2230 Corrected visuals and evade mechanic for the quest boss
#2364 Quest rework
#9207 Added cutscene, players will be now in the correct phase after finishing the quest
#2228 Corrected camera movement in the cutscene after finishing the quest
#2395 Players will now phase correctly after the cutscene
#13253 Fixed the issue when the submarine sometimes haven’t appeared
Uncategorized – Seasonal
#19947 Added quest credit for worgens and goblins
NPCs (2)
Dun Morogh
#14396 Correction to behavior of neutral bruisers
#19864 Argent Peacekeepers will no longer float
Items (1)
#3049 Added AP scaling, Hunters will correctly use RAP and fixed the interaction with Hunter’s Mark